Who am I ?

I'm a security engineer by trade, who's been living in Zürich (Switzerland) for two years, and currently moving back to Grenoble.

I was until Feb 2020 working for Google's information security team, preventing bugs in our products from being written in the first place. Web security and cryptographic protocols design and reviews are my specialties, but I'm also currently doing a lot of JavaScript and TypeScript security libraries, and integrating static analysis into developer workflows.

I defended my PhD a while back at Verimag, in Université de Grenoble, on building protocols and models to improve the security of wireless sensor networks, under Pascal Lafourcade's direction. I also have worked on distributed computing a while back.

In my own time, I'm learning german, playing a lot of videogames, cooking, climbing, and trying to fight off an incredibly tenacious squirrel trying to eat the flower seeds on my balcony.